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Over 2500 years ago a Savior arrived with a radical message of hope for those cast aside by society. He was not to be found in the temples or the homes of the wealthy; rather he sat among the prostitutes, the thieves, and the outcasts. He touched the lepers, the sick, the broken……and they were healed.

Today, there are still those living on the margins of society, trapped in the destructive cycles of addiction, people who have given up on themselves, men and women desperate for a miracle. The good news is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still transforming lives today just as it did then. Our students will learn to embrace the principles of forgiveness and to find hope and strength in Jesus Christ. We believe this is the only genuine path to become free from life controlling addictions and able to live the life God intended. Project Hope is a place where people experience recovery from any kind of addiction — overeating, stress, worrying, sex, obsessive compulsiveness, anger, depression and a multitude of life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups.

Discover A Place Where You Can Start Over.

By understanding the physical, spiritual, and emotional nature of addictive behavior and applying a spiritual remedy, change isn’t just possible, it’s a biblical promise. Our 12 month program is a biblically based, life-transforming, spiritual discipleship process, which places a heavy emphasis on living in Christian community. It is our fundamental belief that no one stands alone, struggles alone, develops alone, or heals alone.

Find A Place Where You Can Belong

We are grateful you are considering our program. Every student that walks through our door will be fully engaged in a Christ centered program that culminates in healing, restoration, and reconciliation to God, family, and to one’s own dignity and self-worth. They will experience a program that is highly structured and closely supervised. Recovery is first and foremost a spiritual process; however, each student will also be instructed in the practical tools that are necessary to live a successful life. Not only will the student be fully immersed in God’s truth, but also counseled in practical Christian facets of life and relationships. It is our sincere belief that each individual must be equipped with all the necessary tools to make an authentic Christian life successful and sustainable.

The Program

Our purpose is to provide men and women with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling problems. By applying biblical principles it is our belief that people with life controlling addictions can become mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted, physically-well, and spiritually-alive.

Our goal is to help residents establish chemical-free lifestyles in connection with issues they identify as life-controlling and to recognize that these skills and tools are transferable to future problems and challenges they will face.